How to mesmerize a baby

The importance of understanding what is meant by a “good diet” cannot be underplayed. I came across this fascinating link a while back which looks at why we find it so hard to change our eating habits even when we know there are healthier choices available to us. An important part of the bio-energy therapy I give is nutritional advice, it supports the rebalancing going on in your body at a time where it needs support from you. You can have all the energy therapy in the world but if you go off shoveling cheeseburgers in to you as if cows are about to become extinct, you may find it challenging to maintain the positive changes happening in your body and mind. Indeed, part of the shift in mindset is to one of self nurturing and positive nutrition plays a big part in this. It is an indicator as to how you value yourself. I am by no means saying you must eat food as pure as freshly driven snow, the 80/20 rule is useful here. Just moderation of diary, meat and sugar. And when/if you do have that chocolate eclair eat it with a smile. Eat it with joy! You are swallowing that joy and that happiness!

Here’s the link, with instructions on how to mesmerize a baby.


1 thought on “How to mesmerize a baby

  1. shinnyp

    Thanks for this excellent choice of link, Drew. A compelling explanation of the importance of diet. Nothing we don’t know already, but extremely clear and persuasive.


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