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Oh Meditation, You Are So Awesome


Oh meditation, you are so awesome. Simply by sitting, breathing and letting go we can promote massive health benefits. Here are seven of them according to the Harvard Medical School (and they’re famous so it must be true).

  1. Increased immunity
  2. Emotional balance
  3. Increased fertility
  4. Relieves irritable bowel syndrome
  5. Lowers blood pressure
  6. Anti-inflammatory
  7. Calmness

There are whole industries built around selling pills and potions to achieve these (not all of the legal, see number seven) when all that is needed is to take twenty minutes a day to achieve this in a much more balance way. You can even go geeky on it with many apps to help you take the time and provide little inspirational quotes. Here is an excellent poster to describe some of the science behind meditation.


Below is a lovely, simple ten minute guided meditation and if you are starting out this may be very useful to use as your daily practice. Just twenty minutes of meditation can radically alter how you think, feel and react to life. If you don’t already do this now is the perfect time to start!

<p><a href=”″>Kim Eng – Guided Breathing Meditation</a> from <a href=””>EckhartTolle TV</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>


One Thousand


Today this website reached one thousand hits. As a thank you to you all for being a sign of abundance in the universe I would like to share a game with you. I learned this game from a very wise teacher who has incredible powers of manifestation and is a living embodiment of the notion that we can create reality out of intention.

You are going to be given some money. The rules are you have to spend it all in a day. You cannot save it but the next day you will receive double. Let’s start with €1,000 (or £ or $, or whatever works for you). Thought of what you would spend it on? Easy? For many of us this amount is very manageable and we will go further now. This is fun to do with a pen and paper beside you and doesn’t take long so write down what you would spend your €1000 on.

Next day you have €2,000, what are you going to spend it on? (remember, you cannot save it)

The next day you receive €4,000.

The next day you receive €8,000.

The next day you receive €16,000.

The next day you receive €32,000.

The next day you receive €64,000.

The next day you receive €125,000.

The next day you receive €250,000.

The next day you receive €500,000.

The next day you receive €1,000,000.

The next day you receive €2,000,000.

The next day you receive €4,000,000.

Feel free to continue if you wish. I have played this game with many people and what comes up is fascinating. There is a flow to the universe. To have abundance flowing in you must have it flowing out with an attitude of trust and love. Imagine you have a box. The universe wants to fill this box with all the abundance it has to offer. If you only allow the box to half empty, the universe can only fill it with half or you may just give out the signal you don’t need it filled at all. This game is interesting though because it can help shift your mindset to trust you will receive abundance the following day as well, and that it will increase!

Have a look at your list. What did you notice as the amount gets higher? What feelings came up for you? Is there anything on that list that is within your current means? Have any of these things suddenly become a goal for you? Something to really aim for? Does it help you identify what things are important to you in life? Many who do his exercise suddenly realise that they would not work so they could spend more time with their family, well could that be done without needing all that money? Is abundance more precious to you in the form of time?

It is common to get caught on the treadmill of working because we believe that we have to “do a hard day’s work” to get money. Is that really your belief or an inherited one? Whose voice did you just read the quoted words in? But what is that money worth to you? If you have identified things in your list that don’t really need money (maybe just a little courage) then maybe a lot of these things are more than achievable. You can live in a mansion without owning one, just be creative. If you do have a spare €2,000,000 kicking around though feel free to donate to any friendly and appreciative bio-energy therapists you may happen to know.

One of the common themes to arise from the game is a feeling of “I don’t deserve this”. That is nonsense. Why wouldn’t you deserve everything you want? So you don’t make others feel bad? So you can continue playing the victim so you can confuse sympathy for love? Because someone told you when you were young? All of these are false beliefs. A belief is just a thought you keep thinking, do it for long enough it becomes a belief. So you can change your beliefs on this or just jeep mooching along and blame it all on someone else and avoid taking responsibility. Your choice.

Paul McKenna (celebrity hypnotist, now there is an example of manifesting something unlikely) wrote in one of his books that he shifted his mindset on money by deciding to be really happy and thankful every time he paid a bill, even when he really knew it was a struggle. He said money started to flow to him and the gratitude kept building. Another trick is to imagine yourself standing with arms outstretched with money flying to you and sticking to you (really believe though, this doesn’t work if it is just a half-arsed daydream). You’ll be amazed how quickly this works but the important trick is to give thanks, even if it is for finding 50c on the ground.

In the end though none of this really matters. It will all balance out by the time we die. Chances are if you can read this it means you are educated and can afford to be somewhere with an internet connection so the likelihood is you aren’t going to starve or be homeless. Why spend your life worrying about what you don’t have when you can live it in appreciation of what you do? The abundance will come. And go. And come again. Like the tides on a beach. The beach doesn’t worry about whether the tide will come back in. As always, breath. Let it in. Then let go.