Just as a thousand candles can be lit from one flame, all being separate yet connected, so my meditations are all from one source and are separate but connected. I am at all times connected to the moments of gentle peace and powerful insight in all meditations even though the present one is the only moment in existence. Just as these emotions are connected to moments in my life so too are they connected to others. To every person around the planet who is meditating at that moment I am connected. These fine filigrees of spun-gold spirit reach across time to connect with everyone who has ever sat and meditated, to a monk in the mountains of Tibet, to a priest in ancient Egypt, to a graphic designer in New York and everyone, everywhere in between. Even to a man sat under a tree.

At all times emotions are connected, I feel the pull and sway of them like the tides being moved by the moon. Anger, fear excitement but above and below all, love. It both anchors and frees me, I dissolve in to its ocean becoming more and less than myself. Simultaneously crystallizing in to singular existence and dissolving in to all encompassing nothingness. Freedom and freedom. Being and not-being.


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