About Drew

Hello and welcome

My name is Drew Mahler and I am a bio-energy therapist and massage therapist in the Wicklow/ South Dublin area.

I strongly believe in the body’s innate ability to heal itself. I am fascinated by the relationship between states of mind (mental, emotional and spiritual), what is manifesting physically in the body and the different ways we can work together to help instigate healing on a deep and lasting level.

A holistic approach to healing means focusing on the whole self and healing the body, mind and spirit. We are all individual so I believe an individual approach generally works best rather than a “one size fits all” approach. This works particularly well in cases of stress and depression as the sources of these conditions can be many and varied.

My interest in energy work and massage came through my training in martial arts where we were  taught how to work with our own energy and how to influence other people’s. I found myself more and more often helping people to get their energy field flowing so they could heal themselves. The aim of my treatments is to help you to heal yourself and give you the skills and knowledge to maintain that.

I am qualified in Holistic Massage (Holistic College Dublin ITEC), Indian Head Massage and Plexus Bio-Energy Therapy and am a member of and insured with the CThA (Complimentary Therapists Association). Feel free to check out the other areas of the website for more information on each of these treatments or subscribe to my blog.